A Thursday night is not perhaps an opportune night to get a little happy on cocktails when I know there's cakes to make when I get home and a long train journey the next day, but last Thursday I was lucky enough to head along to my first Cambridge bloggers event at a cocktail class at The Snug.

I know The Snug quite well already, having been in Cambridge for four years or so. I've had many a good conversation in its comfy chairs and cosy decor (more about that later as they've refurbished and it's glorious), tasted it's alcoholic delights and sampled its great food (their full English works wonders for the nastiest of hangovers). But up until now I've never ventured to try their cocktail classes, and boy am I regretting that decision!

First though, before I detail all the cocktails and food and make myself crave it, back to that decor and the refurbishment.

I loved The Snug as it was before, all red walls and modern with a dash of rustic charm, but the refurbishment is wonderful, even more modern, and as charming as ever. The walls are now a lovely deep shade of blue that's calming and, of course, cosy. The little touches of gold around the place (especially around the edges of the wall of mirrors that I also love) are a great subtle design feature, and the whole place feels warm and open. I will be forever glad, though, most of all, that they didn't redo the layout! It was perfect as it was and should remain perfect as it still is! It makes for nice little nooks and crannies in the place and cosy corners to have a chat and a drink in and combined with the whole new look, The Snug has a brilliant atmosphere you just can't buy.

And onto the cocktails (finally! I hear you cry, but, hey, you can't go on enough about a good atmosphere!). As I said before, I've never tried The Snug's cocktail classes, but it's always been something I've been interested in (as is cocktail making in general) and it turned out to be fantastic fun!

The first one up to make was a simple (she says...) mojito. You'd never know I'd worked behind a bar one summer with the way I threw around almost all the ingredients from the ice to the alcohol itself. About the only thing I managed to do neatly was adding in the mint, and crushing it, and squirting in enough strawberry flavouring to turn away someone with even the sweetest of teeth. What I really loved about this cocktail though, was that we had that choice of flavour. As I said, I went mad with the strawberry, while others went for lemon or raspberry or maybe even something else entirely! It's a really customisable drink which made it super fun to make!

Up next, the Espresso Martini - my personal favourite, and possibly my all time new favourite drink. What could be better than coffee and alcohol mixed. Double trouble at its best! Now as happened with the mojito, I wasn't very skilled at this one either. It tasted phenomenal, but next to Catherine's (who made hers same time as me), it looked pitiful! What's the point of a good drink if isn't full to the top!? Something had obviously gone awry in my mixing of the coffee and much alcohol (of which I can't remember, eek!).

My arms hurt after the shaking (which the guy teaching us made look so easy!) before you tip it into the glass and shake it at the end to get that gorgeous cream froth at the top. Despite the looks of mine, I'll definitely be back in The Snug soon for another one of these!

Before the last cocktail, we had somewhat of an interlude with food. Meat and veggie platters came out with everything from chicken wings to roasted zucchini and pepper skewers. All of it was delicious, and we even got takeaway boxes to take the leftovers home.

Next time you're in Cambridge, I seriously recommend going to The Snug for lunch, dinner or even just a snack. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Last, but definitely not least, came the 'Snugism' - The Snugs own cocktail with Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua and double cream. Sounds good, right? Well it tasted even better. It's easy to make too, as it's a built drink, so you just pour in the ingredients one after the other than give it a little mix with the straw (and of course I got it all over the place doing this...) and hey presto, ready to drink! The sweetness of the cream perfectly offsets off the sharp tang of the alcohol and well, needless to say really.. it's another one I'll be popping in to have again!

Just before I finish this post up, I need to give a big and warm thanks, and compliments, to the staff at The Snug, especially Josh who taught us the cocktails (and discovered I knew from my old accommodation in Cambridge!) and was lovely, gracious and didn't care about our mishaps! The whole staff in The Snug are always delightful, so if you want good service, get down there soon!