I recently had an invitation to take a “plus one” to The Snug at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge last week for a cocktail making evening. This fantastic venue for affordable food & drink with a side of live sports on the TV is also the perfect place to go for a lesson in mixology.

So off I headed on a chilly Thursday night with my lovely friend Kassia to join a table of local bloggers to sample cocktails, including a Lychee & Strawberry Mojito (my twist on this classic that won the “cocktail of the night” wahoo) and an Espresso Martini- my fave cocktail! If you book a cocktail making party at The Snug, you are also provided with fantastic platters, of which we got to sample – well, I say sample… there was almost a whole platter per person at this bloggers’ night… not that we were complaining!

With a mix of meat or vegetarian platters, the mexican-inspired nibbles were delicious and I couldn’t get enough of the little sweet pieces of chorizo or the mini quesadillas oozing with cheesy goodness. Oh my god they were actually worth going for alone… can you tell I hadn’t had cheese for a while?!

Here’s a little video I made of the night, I think it’ll do the event more justice than my words can do today… Just to be clear, it was The Snug at the Grafton Centre and not Lensfield Road (as I said in my video, oops!) – although that venue is also very cite (snug!) and has done me proud for previous events, so check them out too!