Following our recent review meal at The Snug Bar in St Albans, Mr R and I were invited back, this time for a Cocktail Masterclass.

After assembling we met Ryan our Bar Teacher for the evening, firstly giving us a lesson in pouring. Pour too much and you are giving away your profits - pour too little and you are cheating the customer. We were all very adept (or lucky) and picked up the 'Pour', graduating from water to the real thing.

First up we split into two groups of three and were shown how to make the perfect Mojito. I love Mojito so was in my element making this cocktail. It's all about the mixture, the muddling of the mint, the ice, the rum and the shake!!After learning how to pour without measuring and how to make the classic Mojito we sat down to a selection of the fabulous and delicious snacks The Snug have to offer.

We went on to make another cocktail using Jack Daniels called A Cherry Jack due to the inclusion of Maraschino cherry juice. This was a bit on the sweet side but considering I don't really drink Jack Daniels it was really nice!

The next cocktail was an 'Old Fashioned'. 

As we were doing all this behind the bar and it was open to the public we were getting some funny looks! I didn't really like this one and gave it to a customer waiting at the bar to get served.  Her face when given a free cocktail was lovely.

The Snug Bar in St Albans runs the Cocktail Masterclasses at various times throughout the year and they are perfect for corporate events, hen and stag nights and just a fun adult family evening.

Many thanks to The Snug Bar St Albans for inviting Mr R and myself to have an evening of fun, food and cocktails!  All opinions and photos are as usual my own.