Last month I got the chance to dabble with gin at The Snug in Cambridge.

The Snug has changed a little since my last visit back in April, with a lick of paint and this pretty awesome chalk drawing at the back (which I was later told was hand drawn and took hours!) The place didn't look bad before but the makeover has given it some freshness and interest for the eye.

I can't say I've ever drunk that much gin in the past so this was the perfect way to get introduced to the different types of gin out there, as well as finding out their background and the history of gin. Our host whose name escapes me so I shall call her... Ginny, was ever so knowledgeable not to mention passionate about gin so I found it really interesting.

We tried a mix of gins, ranging from perfumed and floral tastes to more citrus flavours adding only a touch of water to our glasses to ensure we got the real taste of each gin. Before now I had no idea that different types of gin could taste so...different! I particularly liked the Hendricks and Adnams gin, who I did't realise made gin as well as ale. I learnt a lot people!

To finish off the master class we tucked into some chicken which was gratefully received and smelt incredible. The menu has also had a bit of a re-vamp with several varieties of chicken wings from Lemon & Pepper, Sailor Jerry's sauce and Dante's inferno which blew my head off! Sailor Jerry's was by far my favourite- nom nom nom!

Yet again I had another brilliant evening at The Snug and can say that I'm now a gin drinker! Roll on the next visit as I'm seriously craving that chicken just now!

Have you been to The Snug?

Now onto the main event that was the gin master class!

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