Kaylee Ireson – Marketing Manager - 2010 to present

Hailing from the robust urban sprawl that is Peterborough, a young miss Ireson was to venture to Cambridge for her studies. In the search for part time work she would find herself stumble upon the steps of the Snug’s second Cambridge bar at the Grafton centre. With little to no experience Kaylee began life as a part time server, but after seeing the magic that was conjured up behind the bar she stepped up. She would then spend many an evening practicing her cocktails and the art of free pouring until she was made a fully-fledged member of the bar team. Through the ruthlessness shown within her new position she was promoted to shift leader and after a year and a half she would then find herself one seat from the top as the bars AGM.

    Then one day, whether it be luck or a desire to aspire the then current manager would step down from their position leaving a Kaylee shaped void which she was more than happy to now occupy. Pulling the reigns of the proverbial monster that was the Grafton bar and after 3 and a half years at the top Kaylee decided the sky was not high enough. When again noticing the opportunity crop up Kaylee would be first in to offer her services she was promoted to her current position as Marketing Manager. 

The rest of her story is hers to tell, so why not start your own Kaylee inspired adventure and apply now at the Snug.  


Karl Neal – Commercial Manager – 2012 to present

Born and bred in St. Albans, Karl had aspirations to become the world’s greatest sports therapist, so he ventured north to the Yorkshire hub that is Leeds. After 3 years Karl returned home to see the light that shone from our flagship store that is the Fluer De Lys. Having discovered a knack for being a cocktail bar tender and having all sorts of service records in his wake, Karl decided it time to take a sabbatical and go travelling the world. On returning fresh faced to reality Karl returned to the Snug but this time in a heightened role of shift leader. Although after 2 months of brilliance his ability was noticed however not by The snug and Karl was snapped up from under us entering into the world of media sales.

Relishing from his time as a salesman, Karl thought it right that after a year in the trade to return to the Snug. On return he was immediately enrolled in our management programme where he was to show the tenacity and desire required to front one of our sites. Karl was given his first opportunity in High Wycombe where he was to start the bar on its path to the golden future for the site. After a year and a half, he was recruited again back to take up the reigns in Hertford, jumping at the chance to further his legacy Karl would take up his second site. After 2 years in the role, Karl demonstrated his ability to lead and he was asked to then oversee not only Hertford but also Ware for the Christmas period. Karl again showed great passion within the role and come January moved over to Hitchin so he could begin his operations training. After completing his training and a small stint as Operations manager Karl found his true calling in his current role as Commercial manager. 

Do you have the tenacity shown by Karl, can you manage one of our sites? Begin your snug adventure now and apply now!