As the XXXI Olympiad approaches, the world turns its gaze once again to the enigmatic and vibrant Brazilian coastal city of Rio De Janeiro. Named after a river that doesn’t even exist, the city was founded by Portuguese settlers in January 1502. The bay was mistaken for the mouth of a river and so the name Rio De Janeiro (River of January) was born. The party city is known for hosting huge events, with Carnival every year around 4.9 million revellers descend upon the city so it’s safe to say they aren’t afraid to put on a big show.

For the first time in Olympic history the games will feature in South America. With the first modern Olympics starting in Greece in 1896 this is quite the momentous occasion bringing it to a new continent. This just shows how far the spectacul has grown having only consisted of 14 nations to now showcasing athletes from a total of 205 nations it has truly become the biggest sporting event. Rio 2016 will hold host to a total of 10,500 athletes competing in 306 events for a total of 4,924 medals. With each and every one of them hoping to bring glory home to their nation.

Not only will a mass of athletes be welcomed into Rio, a flurry of spectators will also. A total of 7.5 million tickets have been sold for the 33 venues within Rio so if you're one of the lucky ones to be going out there we hope you pre booked your hotel as prices have sky rocketed from an average of £67 to £196 a night. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to find yourself relaxing by Copacabana beach you can still get all the action live on the BBC, with all the action shown live in our bars so you two can relax with a Caipirinha.   

Brazil is a nation known for partying so it is no surprise they are also known for some fantastic beverages. The nations favourite and oldest beer Brahma is brewed in Rio itself and is consumed in heroic quantities within the city. Their national drink is the Caipirinha, one of the most popular drinks worldwide let alone within Rio. The drink itself made from a sugarcane rum called Cachaça, sugar and plenty of lime makes for a refreshing accompaniment to any summer outing.

No need to fret though you don’t need to travel to Rio to enjoy one of these. They are available in all of our sites, just ask your server or bartender and they would be happy to whip one up for you. 

Written by Ben Hollis


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