It's Father's Day this Sunday and we've put together 10 dads who are doing parenting right.

1. The DIY DAD

This dad made a millennium falcon out of cardboard for his son. He could have done a better job turning the dog into Chewie but good effort!

2. The Role Reversal Dad

She wanted to be the wolf.

3. The Costume Skills Dad

This dad won the Halloween costume competition at work.


4. The Photographer Dad

This dad has been taking photos of him and his daughter in the most crazy scenes. She'll end up with the best childhood photo album ever.

5. The Inventive Dad

The look on the child's face says all. Faith in humanity restored.

6. The Couldn't Care Less Dad

We all had our share of embarrassment around our parents but this one is just winning!

7. The 'Safe Travels' Dad

This dad has been dressing up differently every day when waving goodbye to their children before they get on the school bus.

8. The Apprenticeship Dad

This dad couldn't figure out how to do his daughter's hair so he went under training and is now a fully certified hairdresser.

9. The Multi-Tasking Dad

This dad has figured out a way to keep his daughter's busy while gaming by letting them do makeovers on him.

10. The 'No Pain, No Gain' Dad

This dad has been teaching everyone a life lesson by competing in several competitions with his disabled son. Truly inspiring.