Here at The Snug – we wanted to wave a small flag to our Englishness today to celebrate our own patrons Saint Day, St Georges Day.

We, like lots of us, are bemused at why St Patrick’s Day is very much in our hearts and minds (helped by the pseudo sponsorship by Guinness), but why our very own patron saint days is, let’s face it, a bit of a damp squib! We could even probably all name the US Independence day celebrations as 4th July but would struggle to recall 23rd April for our own.

Well not here – we’ve pulled together our finest quintessentially English drinks, cocktails and food to make us puff out our chests with pride on St Georges Day and wave that English Flag.  

But why not start with the Ultimate English test  -  just a spot of fun (and we’ve never thrown a plastic white chair) but we will be honest we scored “You Are very chuffing English”.

Let’s face it there seems more pride and camaraderie when the national football team get themselves through to a World Cup or an European final, only for all it all to be in vein when the nation turns to a feeing of disappointment at their early exit! 

We think a bank holiday might help us all get behind our Patron Saint and celebrate things with a little more gusto – what do you think?

Anyway – if it’s the normal kind of St George's Day and the streets are quiet and the bunting limp – here are our top tips for enjoying an English Day at The Snug:

1. Start the day with the breakfast of Champions – our fantastic BIG FULL English and indulge in a Snug Coffee – the blend which is created by the Gentleman Baristas


2. Have a game of Monopoly over a good cup of our English Breakfast Tea


3. Hit midday – and knock yourself out on a Gin and Tonic


or any of our Beefeater or Bombay Sapphire Gin Cocktails…


3. Feeling a bit peckish by now? Then it's time for the Fish and Chips, tartare sauce and mushy peas!


5 . And despite our weather isn’t always quite as sunny as we hope, in the positive English way we have a BBQ in the rain – finish off with a Jug of Pimms and pretend the sun is shining!


or indulge in a cocktail made with Chase premium English potato vodka

6. If cocktails are not your thing, you can always go for a a pint of Real Ale and a packet of crips. English of course! Because The Snug is your local reinvented!


Everyone is welcome, join us this Thursday and celebrate in Englishness!

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The Snug