Back in 2005, when our owner operators Giles Fry and Ashley Moore set out to create their own unique all day bar serving handcrafted cocktails and tasty comfort food ; few of us had heard of Facebook, let alone Twitter and Instagram.

Well what a change a decade makes as we now talk to almost 30,000 people following what we do everyday via our digital and social channels alone and this continues to grow every single day!

Giles and Ash met when they worked for TGI Fridays in the west end of London (the busiest one in the world at the time) in the early noughties. Giles was the General manager (read the business brains) and Ash was the cocktail extraordinaire having trained and opened various Planet Hollywoods’ around the world and taken part in numerous international cocktail bar tending competitions. Ash was also focused on the food development as had also worked at a Conran restaurant in London. 

Over a cocktail or two in 2003, the two decided they wanted to work for themselves and it took a few years to formulate a business plan, take a car loan (they were refused for a business loan) and find the ideal first site on Lensfield Road in Cambridge!

The Spread Eagle in 2005

The bar opened in March 2005 and the first cocktail they ever served was a French Martini. The original mantra was something for everyone – which is why you can still go to any Snug today and order a flat white, a cask ale and a Cosmopolitan all in one order! If you want a Big Full English at 9pm, that’s no problem either – it was and still remains very much a no rules, informal social space which focuses on handcrafted cocktails and good quality comfort food in local neighbourhood locations.

"Something for everyone" - The Big Full English is still available all day everyday

The launch of Lensfield Road in Cambridge, was followed swiftly by Hertford later that year in December 2005. Next came, St Albans in May 2007 and then right back to Cambridge as we opened a second one on East Road in May 2009. We kept fairly static through the global recession and only opened one bar in High Wycombe during the worst years in December 2011. In May 2014 – we opened in the market town of Hitchin and are just about to take a further bar in Ware in March 2015.

Our bar opening across 10 years

Why not take a quick look at our 10 Year Photo Album?

In fact, as #weare10 has made us rather nostalgic and we’ve been reflecting about other things that turn 10 this year too…..

Take a look at our top 10 things from 2005….

  1. The series premiere of Grey’s Anatomy - is it still running?
  2. Brad and Jen’s infamous split - why would you break up with Jennifer Aniston?
  3. And ahem the release of Mr and Mrs Smith and beginning of Brangelina - oh, we get it now!
  4. The groundbreaking movie Brokeback Mountain - we miss Heath Ledger!
  5. The Tom Cruise couch incident on Oprah about his relationship with Katie Holmes - feet off the couch Tom!
  6. The Pink Razr Mobile heralded the fashion phone was launched - Just 5.5MB of memory versus the iPhone which can have up to 128GB these days!
  7. The Osbornes series finale – the first reality TV show family came to a conclusion
  8. The X-box 360 launched - in a world where Playstation was king!
  9. Apple unveiled the 5th generation ipod, the ipod shuffle and ipod nano - and we all dropped our jaws again.
  10. YouTube Launch – the first ever posted video was taken at San Diego Zoo.

If you'd like to keep the nostalgia going check out other things that will be 10 years old this year here.

Cheers to the next 10 Years! #weare10