This year we were proud to win Best Cocktail Menu in the Herts Food and Drink Awards but why stop there? As soon as we received the good news, we started brainstorming on how could we make the new menu better for all of us, especially you, our guest!
For years we’ve been shouting about our Happy Hour and we’ve been happy to average a whopping 15,000 Mojitos and 10,000 Pornstar Martinis a year, amongst other favourites, but it’s time to shake things up (no pun intended)!
There are no more Favourites collection because every cocktail that makes it on our menu is a favourite of ours and every cocktail* is now part of our 2-4-1 Happy Hour everyday! Your snug classics remain untouched but you can now venture on 2-4-1 Old Fashioneds or the new Absolut Gangster, made with Absolut Elyx and Bob’s Abbott’s Bitters!
Take a look at our new menu here! Happy Hour 2-4-1 on ALL COCKTAILS* stars at 3pm everyday!

*Excluding sharing cocktails and shots.