Its that time again, when our social media feed, magazines, newspapers, TV programmes we consume start to become filled with talk of new years resolutions, reflection on the past year and the need to create goals for 2015. Like them or loathe them we all end up talking about new years resolutions – have you made any, how many and will you keep them? Blah blah blah!

So it’s the 6 January 2015 and for most today it's the second day back at work after a festive break with family, friends and lots of celebration and good times. Spell….dismal and grey feelings….and that’s before the credit card bill comes and pay day is some way off…..

Following the blow-out we’ve probably just all had in terms of food and drink we may feel a little like we need to detox, diet, start that health kick, buy some silly celebrity fitness DVD but can’t quite muster the enthusiasm to do so and if history is anything to go by then we should save our money, because they generally get dusty and by Friday we’ve given up anyway!

The above may be a little clichéd but a quick poll around our office would generally agree that’s the consensus – so we’ve turned the focus on diets/healthy eating on its head (heck its still sometime before we are going to be hitting the beach/getting the body ready for summer). We decided its January, we all feel a little bit of post Christmas blues, the weather is cold, the days short and the purse strings tight and rather than trying to come up with a diet or skinny version of our yummy comfort food and handcrafted cocktails  we thought specially for you; we’ve decided to take 3 of our best-sellers, bundle them up and spread warmth and joy via a Bacon cheeseburger, skinny fires and our rather incredible Mojito and price them together for just £9.95! Wow – that’s a whopping 50% off.

This offer runs in all 6 bars, all day everyday now extended till the 30th of January – perfect for the much needed catch up with friends, post-work pick me up or chilled Sunday (and if you really feel the need then you can walk/run* to The Snug!

*delete as appropriate to us to get the exercise resolution done) – hey in our minds this is a far better way than purchasing the Geordie Shore lass fitness DVD

Enjoy January 2015 with us!