On the 24th of June, Giles Fry, one of The Snug owners met with Badger, the English springer spaniel behind he ‘Good Treats for Good Dogs’ campaign.

Together they agreed The Snug would provide water and treats free of charge to well behaved dogs visiting The Snug.

We caught up with Badger and had a chat about this campaign which you can read below:

Interviewer: Hello Badger, thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we understand you are a very busy dog.

Badger: Woof, no problem at all!

Interviewer: First of all, tell us more about your campaign ‘Good Treats for Good Dogs’. How did it come about? And can you explain it in detail to others unaware of it?

Badger: ‘Good Treats for Good Dogs’ is the result of my frustration when going out with my owner. After constantly being barred from a lot of restaurants and bars regardless of how well behaved I am I decided I had to put an end to it and then it hit me “Woof! What if bars had free treats for well behaved dogs?”. 

This was when it all started. After talking with a few close dog friends of mine, they all seemed to agree that dogs would behave better if they had free treats and a water bowl at their disposal.

It was a long struggle but I now have the pleasure to announce all Snug bars are welcoming dogs with free treats and they all have water bowls for us!

Interviewer: That’s great news! Was it hard to combine this with the wellbeing of dogs in a busy bar?

Badger: This was always one of my main concerns. I am aware my dog friends need room and others have an early bedtime. After discussing this with Giles we agreed all dogs are welcome in The Snug before 7pm everyday, making sure we go home before it gets too dark, and we also have to stay away from the furniture to avoid any damage, but if we follow these simple rules we get our free treats!!!

Interviewer: Well it seems you have it all covered Badger. Thank you again and we hope you and your fellow dogs can enjoy The Snug with your owners more often.

Badger: My pleasure. We hope all dogs and owners will enjoy it too and I really feel this is the way forward.  Treat us good and we’ll behave! Woof Woof!

Badger signing the deal with Giles Fry.