Now that we are 40 days away from Christmas, the decorations are starting to go up, lights are being turned on and our Christmas menu is being launched. We wanted to make sure you would be as happy as we are with the quality of the food we created therefore we invited food enthusiasts to join us for a Christmas evening in November.

We laid the tables with our Christmas crackers, mince pies, candy canes and handed out prosecco on arrival for the full Snug Christmas Experience.

After trying to set the Christmas mood in November (we think we managed it) we began to serve our menu. First up were The Snug Festive Platter and The Snug Festive Veggie Platter, great platters to share with a few Christmas twists to compliment the season and our cocktails.

"The starter can only be described as AMAZING! The biggest sharing platter I have ever seen laid out beautifully in little pots and tins on a large wooden board" (What Katy Said, 2014)

We then took a break from eating to introduce our Christmas Cocktails, the Mince Pie Martini and the Candy Cane. We invited our guests behind the bar and showed them the ropes on bartending and how to make these.

"The mince pie one included brandy, cinnamon and apple schnapps and tasted so festive, it would be excellent to sip on a chilly winter night" (Musings and Makings, 2014).

Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without the turkey. The Christmas Burger was another star of the evening, a 7oz beef burger topped with turkey, cheddar cheese, smoked back bacon, bourbon and cherry sauce with pickles and a pot of pulled pork served on the side.

"The pork had a distinctive flavor though and when I asked the chef he was pleased I had noticed as he had also added a shot of espresso – an odd choice but it worked somehow” (What Katy Said, 2014)

To round off the night and as we are giving away a Ski Holiday worth £1250 this year. We invited them to try our Snug Party Boxes. A box of props you can hire for free and use to add a bit of fun to your Christmas party photos.

"For me the real selling point is the ‘party boxes’ for hire. In exchange for a £20 deposit you can get a box of ‘alpine themed props’ for your table; a collection of hats, glasses, ski goggles, etc. which is bound to get the party started. A nice and very fun touch” (Eating St Albans, 2014)


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We'd like to thank everyone for coming, we had a really great evening and can’t wait to provide the same experience to you, our guests. If you want to be a part of Christmas at The Snug this year, secure your date book now!