Vote for The Snug at the St Alban's Food and Drink Awards - a poster

As you will have all seen from our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we have been nominated for Best Bar in St. Albans at the St. Albans Food and Drink Festival Awards.

Now you may have guessed already...but we really really want to win! To do so though, we need the help of all of our loyal Snug guests and family. So we're asking you to vote for us here.

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Now as if just telling you to vote wasn't enough, we thought we'd give you a few special reasons to vote for The Snug in the awards:

1. We care

Not just about winning the award (though we do of course) but about our guests. We develop all menus with your feedback in mind; we actually do everything based around what would make guests happier.

We always want to hear what you think (whether that's by completing our surveys, emailing or corresponding with us on Twitter and Facebook); and we use your thoughts to try to be a better business day to day, month to month, year on year.

2. We do the best cocktails in town!

That may sound a bit egotistical but hey, it's true. Not only do we have a massive range of cocktails but we take time and care training our team to make every cocktail with love and at speed - all so you don’t have to wait long for that mouth-watering concoction you so greatly desire.

We also aim to be original. Yes, there are some classics in our menu, but we have scattered many Snug originals across it too, including mad jam cocktails or delicious ice cream/sorbet-based cocktails.

3. We do the best burgers in town!

Another bold claim - but we do eat enough burgers during “competitor analysis” to feel pretty confident about making it.

We hand make our burgers every day from scratch. We use our signature recipe to create beautiful 7oz burgers (that's the proper size a burger should be), served on a multi-seed bun with crisp lettuce and completed with a great range of 10 different toppings.

If that isn’t enough to make your mouth water (not to mention secure your vote!) we don’t know what is! We haven’t even got in to the rest of the menu - which includes secret recipe Coca Cola Ribs, Hot Wings and the best breakfast in town!

4. It’s all about the experience

Whether it's a regular lunch break or Friday night out, we want you to give you a great experience. Our team are always doing their utmost to make you feel welcome from the minute you arrive to the second you leave the door.

Another great Snug experience can be had at our fantastic cocktail classes: we run lots of these every year and we hear nothing but positive things about them.

They are run The Snug way through and through, meaning we make sure you have the most fun possible, as well as learning a thing or two about fantastic cocktails...

5. And finally...

We really want to win! We aren’t joking here: this award would mean the world to us and should we do so, we would celebrate with all of our wonderful Snug guests, no matter what bars they frequent. We will share the love and excitement this award will bring with all involved in making the win possible.

So hopefully we have convinced you to head over to the Food and Drink Awards website and #VoteSnug for Best Bar in St. Albans.

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Much love,

The Snug