That’s right: you can have pancakes every day. It doesn’t have to be once a year; these divine discs of delightful deliciousness should be enjoyed every day.

Now I am not the only person who thinks this. Around the world pancakes are enjoyed all year round - it just seems that in the UK we haven’t rolled them in to our annual diet as much as we bally well should have!

In France and Belgium, pancakes - or crepes as they are known over there - are very regular dishes both for dessert and breakfast, but then these are countries where their waffles aren’t made of potato (I’m not sure if this makes them less or more waffley versatile, who knows?).

In the UK I enjoy a crepe mainly courtesy of Chez Raphael in St. Albans; he often pops up at the farmers market and makes a cracking crepe (slap on some nutella and away you go, happy) but I first developed my quite, dangerous love for pancakes whilst living in Canada. 

Now in Canada and America, there is a wonderful tradition of pancakes but these pancakes ain’t no crepes - they are smaller, thicker pancakes made with buttermilk.  When first saw these my eyes popped open...but then came the toppings. When they bought to my table a plate stacked with pancakes covered in crispy bacon and smothered in maple syrup my mind was blown!

This combination of sweetness and bacon (which as we all know is pretty much the daddy of all foods taste wise) was incredible and an addiction was immediately born. My eyes are now forever drawn to pancakes on a breakfast menu because I can’t think of a better way to start my day than with the smile which only that combination of pancakes, bacon and syrup provides.

Now, we have a new winter edition of the menu to announce...and if you haven't guessed by now, yes, pancakes are firmly on the breakfast menu!

Not only is there a banana and maple syrup topping (with the option to add bacon of course) for some extremely tasty buttermilk pancakes, there is also a lumberjack breakfast inspired by our Canadian friends. This comes with Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes and of course maple syrup.

I fully recommend a stack of pancakes as a great start to your weekday, weekend, evening, holiday or anything else you have planned...because there is a small piece of joy that comes from a pancake that no one should ever have to miss out on.

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