Wine and salad

Blog post by Mike O'Flynn

“You can tell you’re an adult when you start liking salads” - a friend recently cracked out that gem of a statement and it has sort of stuck with me.

It may be a sweeping generalisation, but it is something that personally rings true to me. When I was young, salads, greens or indeed any vegetable at all were always seen as a bit of a punishment: an “eat your greens or no dessert” kind of thing. Now, those who read my recent blog post on ice cream will know how much I loved desserts (and still do); I used to think of vegetables as my greatest foe as a child...the barrier between me and my ice cream!

Nowadays I am far more accepting of salad, in part due to my time at The Snug as well as general ageing. Working for The Snug, people may think that I constantly live off our delicious burgers; well, this isn't actually true. It’s more likely that you will find most of the Snug team, when we choose to eat at work, tucking in to one of our tasty salad options in our current summer menu.

Pear and walnut; radish and grapefruit; classic Caesar or Greek salad with feta and olives. These were salads I would never have seen, or if I had seen would never have tried, as a child, teenager or even a student...but since trying these from our new menu, I am a full convert! I am by no means a vegetarian, nor have a stopped enjoying an occasional Snug burger, but it’s nice to have a delicious healthy option available too.

The Snug's 'Wines of the Month'

Bottles of wine

Salads are not the first grown-up thing that The Snug have converted me to. Wine was also something I very much associated with adulthood in my head (and avoided!). I always thought wine tasted a bit too “wine-y” - until I started taking part in mass menu wine tasting sessions. Now, thanks to my time at The Snug, I have some clear favourites (Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir if anyone is interested) one of which has popped up in our new 'Wines of the Month' selection.

Our 'Wines of the Month' are 3 hand-selected wines which are only available for a limited time and not available down at the local supermarket. The current wines of the month are summer related, and include a Malbec Rose, a sparkling Rose and my personal favourite, a brilliant Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The latter is just phenomenal and I recommend any wine fans heading to The Snug give it a try.

So maybe I am becoming more of an adult, because 4 years ago I had no idea what a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc tasted like or what the word tannins meant; and I'd certainly never eaten a pear and walnut salad. I feel more grown-up and cultured already!