A selection of ice creams at The Snug

Blog post by Mike O'Flynn

With the summer actually showing its head, and Snug gardens heaving with happy people sunning themselves, I thought it only right to blog about the wonderful summer treat of ice cream. 

Now we all remember ice cream - from Fabs to Zaps - being a staple part of growing up; every time we went to the park or the seaside, we were greeted by the loving hand of a parent passing us an iced treat.

As a kid, I had the joy of being raised all over the place, spending half of my childhood up north and half down south, where opinions on ice cream toppings, specifically on a Mr Whippy, are very different. I don’t know of any Southerners that would of heard tale of a delicious lemon top, or many Northerners who wouldn’t look on strangely at an iced lolly jammed into the top of a 99. 

We were also inundated with great ice cream adverts in the 80s and 90s, featuring comedy, singing or exotic locations. I think we all remember the Cornetto advert, which ruined a classic opera piece forever.  My favourite from the 90s, in terms of both the ice cream they were selling and the advert itself, was the classic Gino Ginelli – Toffee Fuggee ice cream advert; to this day every member of my family still quotes the advert.

Ice cream at The Snug

At The Snug we have tried to inject these nostalgic ice cream memories into our ice creams and desserts. Sure, we have grown-up, incredibly delicious sorbet...but we also have more familiar ice cream treats to bring that smile to your face on a sunny summers day.

Firstly we have a trio of our hand-selected Movenpick ice creams (that was a hard day in the office I tell you): Madagascan vanilla, Swiss chocolate ripple and finally my personal favourite, Caramelita cream with caramel ripple; maybe it is the nod to Gino Ginelli taste that makes me love it so much, but it is very, very good.

We also have banana splits, knickerbocker glories and brownie sundaes, with our homemade chocolate brownies. There is nothing quite like being delivered a glass filled to the brim with ice cream and sauces and a long spoon to make you feel like a big kid.

Ice cream cocktails

Ice cream cocktails at The Snug

If you want something with a bit of an adult twist, then what can be better then your favourite ice cream flavours coupled with your favourite tipple?! The answer is nothing and our ice cream cocktails certainly hit the spot. We can offer you a classic Frozen Black Irish (FBI); or maybe you'd like to try one of our own creations such as a blended mango sorbet, Passoa and Sailor Jerry’s combination named the Mango Jerry, or our frozen cherry shortcake with cherry jam, amaretto and ice cream!

An ice cream cocktail is the perfect way to top off a dinner. Or it's a nice little treat - what's better than sitting in a sunny beer garden, with a lovely bit of ice cream, whilst you sit back and relax as the cares melt away.

Book a table at your local Snug in Cambridge, High Wycombe, St. Albans or Hertford this summer to enjoy some wonderful ice cream in a sunny Snug garden.