Burgers at The Snug

Every year Cambridge receives an influx of American students; we love having them at the Snug, and luckily enough, they seem to love us back. Probably because we always try to make our new American friends feel at home with some American Ale, great cocktails and of course that classic warm welcome often seen more across the other side of the pond than in Britain.

A big thing our American friends and The Snug have in common is a love for the hamburger, done properly. A lot of the effort goes into the meat - a homemade beef “patty” makes a massive amount of difference in creating a tasty “diner-style” burger...but sometimes we like to play with toppings and America has been the inspiration behind our latest flavor combinations too. 

The three burgers pictured at the top of this post are our Cheyenne, Nacho and Deli burgers. All of which start with a simple 7oz homemade beef burger; we then add delicious toppings - depending on your selection you can expect BBQ sauce and onion rings; nachos; cheese; delicious cured Italian meats...

The Triple Cheese burger

Finally we have the Triple Cheese: a celebration of the simple cheeseburger taken BIG with 3 times the beef! We're talking 3 x 7oz burgers, totaling 21oz of pure beef goodness, topped with melted gooey cheese and classic dressings. It is always great to watch people try to take this classic on...

And the great news is: all of our American burgers and cocktails are going to be available in ALL Snug Bars from June 24! So we can all celebrate with our American cousins; by eating some great burgers and downing some classic cocktails. Roll on July 4th. #TheAmericansAreComing