Ribs and Wings

Britain has always had a funny relationship with all things American, a love/hate relationship at times. But the one thing us Brits have always had a love affair with is American food. 

Whether it is a good ole American burger or an ice cream sundae, American foods become ingrained in to our eating culture. Two popular sticky American treats are ribs and wings.

With ribs and wings, you can have many different flavour combos: from classic BBQ to sweet chilli to the slightly flasher models of hickory-smoked BBQ with a honey glazed appleseed sauce (how very M&S I hear you all say).

Another thing that has come across from the other side of the Atlantic is the food challenge - most people have seen Adam Richmond take on a challenge or two Man vs Food. One challenge has caught on hugely in the US and is drifting over the ocean like a reversing Titanic: the #NoNapkinChallenge. 

A couple of bloggers and American guests told us about this, and it is fairly similar to the donut challenge (no lip licking whilst eating a sugary donut). The rules of the #NoNapkinChallenge are simple: whilst eating some hot, sticky or spicy wings/ribs you mustn’t use a napkin or lick your fingers and lips. 

Now, if you have been to the Snug recently you will know that we have launched a new menu with our own secret recipe Coca-Cola ribs, prepared over 12 hours, slow cooked and served sticky with our secret sauce. Next to this we have our Buffalo Wings coated in Frank's Hot Sauce.

With these sticky delights it would be foolish not to have a crack at the #NoNapkinChallenge so we did! 12 Buffalo wings coated and dripping in sauce and a full rack of sticky Coca-Cola ribs with two portions of chips, onion rings and red cabbage coleslaw all eaten with no napkins, no finger licking or lip smacking...you can see below a picture of the aftermath, a very full and sticky but also very happy face sits before you!

We encourage everyone to have a crack at the #NoNapkinChallenge and tweet your pics to @thesnugbar to share/show off!