Row of jam jars

Whether it was spread on toast, in a crustless sandwich or rolled up in a classic roly-poly, jam was a staple of my childhood enjoyment. It is a wonderful thing and evokes a sense of British summertime nostalgia in all of us.

Nowadays, jam still features heavily in my day because there is nothing better for giving you a bit of early morning joy (particularly on a miserable day) then starting out with a hot jam muffin.

But jam also features in my adult life too...and that is in the wonderful world of cocktails! Shaking jam into a cocktail adds a natural sweetness as well as those great nostalgic flavours.

At The Snug we have been playing with jam for about two years now, and though we are not the creators of jam cocktails as a concept (the inventors of Breakfast Martinis with marmalade or the wonderful Jammy Hendricks may have got there first), we feel we have been quite innovative with its use in our concoctions.

Each Snug menu category currently features a jam-filled delight. If you are a fan of gin, for example, you might like to find out how jam goes with the great British Beefeater Gin - and there's no better way to do that than trying our wonderful 'Ginspector Morse' cocktail. Now a staple on the menu for over 2 years it has become one of our most popular Snug original drinks.

Apple and Blackberry Crumble Cocktail

The 'Apple & Blackberry Crumble' (pictured above), which made its debut on our menu 8 weeks ago, is made using Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka shaken with blackberry liqueur, apple juice and of course a healthy dollop of yes, blackcurrent jam. Think of it as an alcoholic version of your Mum/Grandma’s best pie (or, as a recent guest put it, “Ooh its like a boozy squash”).

What makes me happy is the continuation of jam-based enjoyment in adult life, because if a little bit of jam doesn’t give you at least a little smile on a sunny day, I don’t know what else will!

Pick your favourite jam cocktail from the new Snug drinks menu today.