New Year's Eve revellers blowing horns

January. To many it's the comedic time to tell friends of false promise and silly New Year's resolutions; the time to draft up the good ol' twelve month verbal contract and kick out those die-hard habits. Why then, do we keep finding those convenient ways of adjusting our expectations to see the resolutions through? Hey, maybe the problem is setting them in the first place? Instead, we should be giving ourselves enjoyable, achievable tasks throughout the year, to reap benefit both for state of mind and for ourselves. Below are some suggestions on how to be laid back when 2014 comes:

Write down a goal

Verbal contracts are just that. Verbal. Therefore, they're very easy to change and adjust. Write your goal down on a piece of paper and state exactly how and when you're going to do it. But don't pressure yourself, nobody needs to rewrite the whole week, who sticks to that? Instead, just set one or two days aside a week to put your new plan into action!

Undo old habits

Apparently it takes thirty days for a routine action to become habit! So surely it must only take thirty days to undo a habit, too? Select six habits for the year and draw up a plan on how you can tackle them! For example, every time you reach for a cigarette, you might want to get down on the floor and do thirty press ups. You might get looks on the street, but you'll probably feel fantastic.

Choose three new activities

Or...instead of kicking old habits, you can revel in some guilty pleasures, and choose three new things that you've always wanted to take up but never got round to! The list is endless: white water rafting, standing on the wing of an aeroplane, joining a book club....

Who knows, your new lifestyle might even leave you with no time to think about the old habits you weren't so keen on!

Keep in contact

Throw that party in the New Year you've been meaning to host. It is a chance to reunite with all those friends whose contact has sadly been reduced to the occasional Christmas card. You also have the added benefit of a guilt free New Year's resolution, to make time for those people you've been meaning to see.

Christmas and New Year at The Snug

This Christmas and New Year at The Snug, we're also going to be throwing a party - we're taking a laid back approach, offering free entry with no ticket needed, so you can enjoy the indulgences of the Yuletide season without feeling the lingering guilt of January! Join us at this incredible time of year, with limited edition Christmas cocktails, Wines of the Season and of course, our fantastic food. And when 2014 finally comes, a few nicely achievable goals will ensure you've got even more to be excited about!