Movember 2013 logo

What started a decade ago as a light conversation between mates over some tinnies one Sunday afternoon led to the creation of one of the most recognisable charitable fundraising initiatives in the world: Movember.

Melbourne based co-founders Adam Garone and Justin Coughlan felt aggrieved by the lack of a comeback the moustache had made in the fashion world since its 1970s heyday, and decided to take it upon themselves to bring about its almighty return. The result was a pact between 30 Australian 'Mo Bros' who agreed to shave off all their facial hair on the 1st November, and grow a fine tache during the rest of the month. Back in 2003, Garone says, this wasn't about growing 'ironic hipster moustaches'; it was about confronting a taboo. Moustaches represented a statement of manhood that aggravated the boss; a look that got you in a healthy amount of trouble with the girlfriend. Or...ex-girlfriend.

Growing these moustaches created an excellent talking point and brought the guys closer together through competition and sacrifice, and by 2004, Garone and Coughlan felt the growing of the moustache had the potential to be used in the service of an excellent cause: raising money to tackle prostate cancer (and awareness of it). The conservative approach of the Prostate Cancer Foundation in Australia resulted in their initial refusal to work with the Movember campaign, but after numerous Mo Bros persisted, the charity relented and the group raised A$ 54,000 for the organisation – their single largest ever donation.

The Movember campaign subsequently spread to New Zealand, Canada, the United States and the UK, with a global vision to find the cure for prostate cancer. The popularity of the Mo Bro moustache has since grown enormously, with 27 countries involved and over £300 million pounds raised in donations. The success of the campaign has led to its increase in scope to address the problems of testicular cancer and male depression.

At The Snug we are going to be joining the Mo Bro clan for the third year running, as our male staff members get stuck into growing the greatest tache in a competition that will take place across all our bars. You can support us with your donations to The Snug team page, or by purchasing one of our four Movember cocktails: The Milk Tache, Fu Manchu, Tom Selleck and the Dick Dastardly. These will be available throughout November and proceeds from sales will go towards the Movember UK campaign.

So join us, ladies and gentlemen, in helping to raise money for a fantastic cause. We hope to see you Mo Bros sporting your finest furry upper. And Mo Sistas, help the lovely men in your life by donating.